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The 2016/17 Premier League fixtures

The English football is very popular across the globe where it garners millions of fans. The Premier League is popular, and as it goes on, teams are ranked as per their performance. In the current season, 20 clubs are participating in the league with each one of them expecting to move up the ladder. Fans, on the other hand, are buying their tickets in support of the teams they are passionate about.

Some of the Premier League matches in the 2016/2017 season

For the Arsenal match against Southampton at St. Mary’s Stadium in Southampton and that Manchester United and Manchester City at Ethihad Stadium in Manchester, the dates are yet to be confirmed. You can buy online tickets to watch the two matches that will be taking place on February 5, one between Swansea City FC and Manchester City while the other one is Manchester United against Leicester at the King Power Stadium.

February 11, 2017, will be a busy day in the Premier League as there will be a total of 7 matches taking place in different stadiums. Hull City will be facing Arsenal; Manchester United will be against Watford in Old Trafford, Everton will play Middleburgh, Crystal Palace will be up against Stoke, Sunderland will be facing Southampton, Sunderland will play WestBrom while Liverpool will be playing Spurs.

The 2016/2017 Premier League Rankings

After the recent match against Arsenal, those that bought tickets to match witnessed Chelsea maintaining the number one position with 59 points. Number 2 which turns out to be Tottenham Hotspur is behind with a difference of 12 points the same as Arsenal who ranks in the third place. Liverpool and Manchester City are in the 4th and 5th position respectively with a total of 46 points each. Manchester United with 42 points, Everton with 40 points and West Bromwich Albion has 36 points in position 6, 7 and 8 respectively. Out of 20 football clubs, Crystal Palace is in the 19th position while Sunderland is in the 20th with 19 points each. This is a difference of 40 points with Chelsea.

The Last Day of the 2016/2017 Premier League

The football fans that wishes to witness the last day of this Premier League’s season has a total of 7 matches to choose from. They can buy tickets to support their favorite teams. West Ham will face the Spurs while Swansea will be playing Everton.

For the football fans, watching a live event is very exciting. Premier League is one of the primary competitions that take place in England and one that you can follow the proceedings online. You do not necessarily have to the stadium where the action is taking place since you can just stream it live online.

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