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The 5 best Arsenal-Tottenham games tickets

Arsenal vs Tottenham matches form a rivalry that divides London, known as the North London Derby; this rivalry moves millions of fans year after year to enjoy these matches full of quality, for this reason there are websites that give fans the opportunity to buy tickets online to attend the matches between Arsenal-Tottenham.

In recent years both Arsenal and Tottenham have been very successful, so every season that passes big matches between this rivalries between Arsenal vs Tottenham are expected, and follow the quality, excitement and competitiveness in this historic rivalry.

The Arsenal-Tottenham rivalry is for many the hottest rivalry in English football, as every game between these two clubs brings great moments to remember, like that moment in 2014 when Theo Walcott was injured and then mocked the Tottenham fans.

Best matches between Arsenal vs Tottenham:
The most memorable matches of this rivalry are mostly semi-finals and cup final, we can also mention exciting Premier League matches where both teams have left their hearts and souls in the field. Below we present 5 matches that in our opinion are the best in terms of the quality and level of soccer shown by the teams.
• Tottenham-Arsenal, 3-1 (15 April 1991): It was the first FA Cup semi-final between Arsenal and Tottenham, Tottenham would win the tie and then win the tournament.
• Tottenham-Arsenal, 2-2 (25 April 2004): This match will be key for the Gunners as they were undefeated in the Premier League and only one point assured them the title, Arsenal won the Premier League title its London rival Tottenham Hotspur.
• Tottenham-Arsenal, 5-1 (22 January 2008): Carling Cup Match, this would be the first big win for Tottenham since 1991, the first leg would end 1-1 but in The White Hart Lane spurs would dominate the game from start to finish. In this match there was an average of 36,243 tickets purchased, some of the highest ticket averages so far in that stadium.
• Arsenal-Tottenham, 5-2 (26 February 2012): This would be one of the most exciting and dramatic matches as Tottenham would start 2-0, but Arsenal would turn 5-3 thanks to their Players and the support of the Emirates Stadium fan.
• Arsenal-Tottenham, 2-0 (4 January 2014): Match remembered by Walcott’s famous banter towards Tottenham fans, Arsenal won and eliminated FA Cup again from Tottenham.
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