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How do you know if the ticket you buy online for a football game will give you the emotions of a good classic? That’s a question that Arsenal and Liverpool fans do not care much about. When you support your favorite team buying tickets to see them play is a guarantee of excitement and adrenaline.

This was what fans who could buy their tickets both at the stadium and via online lived; enjoying the match that opened the day 31 of the Premier League. The first minutes were of heart attack, both home and away game, with a Simon Mignolet saving two clear goals of the Arsenal after strong shots of Cazorla and Ramsey. At minute 20 Liverpool was close to surprising the Gunners after Lazar Markovic and Sterling stood alone against Colombian David Ospina’s goal, but the young English international did not make it to the pass; It is worth mentioning that the nickname “gunners” makes reference to the London hobby dates back to the 1886 years when the team was founded by workers at the Royal Arsenal Woolwich armament factory, at that time had the name of Dial Square FC . And today it still has a cannon in its shield.

After that little moment of anguish for the Gunners of Arsenal, it was now the turn for Liverpool fans to see how the purchase of their ticket was losing value with each of those 8 minutes of “horror”, because that time was enough for Arsenal who played locally, to open the scoring and ensure the final victory starting with Ramsey at the 36th minute, who received a great pass from Özil; gave it to Bellerín, who went into the area, dribbled Alberto Moreno and shoot the ball on the second post of Mignolet, despite its stretching did not reach the ball.

Having not yet assimilated the first goal against Liverpool, the gunners’ fans saw their ticket paid off, thanks to a magnificent Özil’s free kick at the 3rd minute from the front of the area. With Liverpool thinking of the break came the third goal of Arsenal, thanks to Alexis who beat Mignolet with a hard and dry shot from the front.

After the break, Liverpool entered with the impetus to discount but goalkeeper Ospina did not leave them, it was not until 15 minutes to the end, where Jordan Henderson, with a penalty discounted for Liverpool after Bellerin tripped Sterling up into the area. With time already fulfilled, Giroud received a good pass from Alexis on the front, left sitting a defender and put the ball in the right squad of Mignolet, thus giving the final victory to the Arsenal team.


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