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Arsenal vs Liverpool news

A key date is coming up against a major Premier League team (Arsenal vs Liverpool), Arsenal FC is in a dispute over strong rumors and statements of the Chilean striker of the squad; not only about his injury received in his dispute against Venezuela, but the strong encounters that he has had with his coach.
After a strong discussion between these two, because of the criticism that Alexis considered “constructive” for his team, the technical director claimed the player, where he expressed that he could not feel like a team’s God; these reactions not only shuddered in the dressing rooms of the team but also in the dressing rooms of his next contender, Manchester City, its technical director Pep Guardiola, said that he considered much more effective its forward Sergio Agüero alias “El Kun” than the Chilean.
All this has added strong doubts about if the conditions of the Chilean are adapted to the requirements of the team, since in both dates in which his team has faced Liverpool, rather than dramatic have achieved defeat, which has cost them dearly the sum of points and to reach the opportunity to play again in an international tournament.
Although the performance of the Chilean was not the worst, his fans punish him with strong accusations, since like eleven of his teammates, the Chilean has not renewed his stay in the London squad, strong rumors about his departure to Atletico Madrid, have put it under the eye of the hurricane, in addition, that the team today is not projected as one of the strong in the Premier League, one failure after another is what concerns Arsenal FC, after receiving a wide margin against Bayer Munich, which not only left the team players wrong, but also the directive team.
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Liverpool punish Arsenal FC for the second time in the same season, fighting to the end where they managed to defeat it in their last match, despite not positioning themselves as a league favorite, still giving much to talk about where in an oversight can punish the great teams of this controversial league.
It could be said that one of the most attractive, exciting and dramatic games are those where these two protagonists are, always giving a great spectacle, where despite the great demonstrations of their players, always stays with victory who plays with the heart to the final whistle. It could be considered one of the most impressive duels of the Premier itself, despite their disputes and rumors, the fans are always victorious for having the opportunity to enjoy a majestic match buy their tickets online. The strategies and technical abilities of its directors, the resistance of its staff and the encouragement of its fans are always put to the test.
It will be until next season, where these two great teams can face again, so that Arsenal FC can overcome their history of defeats against the Liverpool squad, or failing that it can continue to demonstrate its superiority to one of the favorites of the league, Although they will not be the same faces, will not be the same feelings found and the same quality of game, as history has shown.
The flow of tickets and online sales continues to increase to enjoy a game between these teams and has never been an impediment to share how beautiful is football.
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