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The Best games of the Premier League on 2016!

In the season 2015-2016 of the Premier League happened one of the most emotive and exciting events of football, since Leicester City without having many resources to buy great stars, managed to win English Premier League of the hand of the technician Claudio Ranieri, Leicester was able to buy the Italian coach for the Premier League title in his first season with “the foxes”, Leicester remained Premier League champion 2015-2016 after a 2-2 defeat of Tottenham against Chelsea, the match where was officially crowned champion of Leicester City with a fan base of 32,242 fans who managed to buy their tickets through websites.

Also via online the club made it known that if the team was a Premier League champion, the owner of the club could buy and then offer free pizza for all his faithful followers, a good motivation, right?

In other words, the Premier League 2016-2017 has left emotional games like the famous derbies, in addition to games that have been able to buy the heart of the fans with the premiere of stadiums and other stories that have happened. So we will show you 4 dates that you cannot miss and that for many have been the best matches of the Premier League so far this season.

Day 4, 10/09. Manchester United vs Manchester City. Possibly for many the most anticipated match of the current Premier League season, this because it would be the first clash between Pep Guardiola vs. Jose Mourinho in the Premier League after his past in Spain. The “reds devils” team fell 1-0 at Old Traford. For this game the buy of tickets by the fans was massive

Day 9, 22/10. Chelsea vs Manchester United, this was the most morbid game of the Premier League as the Portuguese Mourinho returned to Stamford Bridge after his dismissal as coach of Chelsea. The victory was led by Chelsea 4-0 after a real football demonstration in what would be Chelsea’s best match in the Premier League. The stars present in this game got some fans to crowd the stadiums to buy the desired tickets for the game, but the vast majorities were able to buy their tickets online in advance.

Day 11, 05/11. Arsenal v Tottenham Hotspur, the derby of north London, one of the best derbies of the Premier League, this match was disputed in the coliseum “gunners” and finished 1-1. Despite the result, the fans did not hesitate to buy their tickets for the next Premier League match between these two teams.

Day 17, 19/12. Everton vs. Liverpool, these teams saw their faces for the first time in the so-called Merseyside derby. The game was 0-1 in favor of Liverpool, both teams did not have much luck in the last Premier League, but made a great effort in the summer market to buy and thus to give us a good show… This match had a good influx of fans who mostly bought their tickets through online websites.

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