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Best Liverpool performances in Europe

The English football from its beginnings has the marked pattern and already to these heights of history there is no exception with that, rather, they continue adding changes that although at the beginning are a little discrete always ends in the knowledge of all. Liverpool with its new updates seems to bring good news so we can opt to buy the tickets online and attend each game this season (and although it is impossible for us to go at all, it is always good to go a couple of times or we can).
New right end
Liverpool always makes good decisions when choosing a new player, this time it is the right but can also play as the left or half point, his name is Mohamed Salah who was born in Egypt and is 25 years old. It is said that the payment of Liverpool to the extreme rights is 32 million euros, of course, nothing comparable to one of the famous players of the Spanish clubs but rather enough money, so hopefully, Salah can play his role in the best way.
A possible goalkeeper
It is not unusual for football to be rumored, and as is not unusual, it is rumored that Spaniard Iker Casillas is eager to leave his current team to play for Liverpool. Now, we do not know exactly if Iker can meet the expectations of Liverpool which is a team with a history and a surprising weight and we do not know how the technician feels about this idea because the work done by Loris Karius and Simon Mignolet is so far admirable.
A possible midfielder
Should this update happen, Liverpool intends to give much more money than with the new right-hander (Mohamed Salah). We are talking about more than 55 million euros for Naby Keita possibly, and this action is understood very well because the team is heating the engines in the best way so that in the season 2017-2018 Liverpool can reach other wins for the collection and More than that, to continue giving satisfaction to us as fans when buying tickets online.
A possible central defense
It seems that Liverpool wants to fly our heads, this time with 60 million euros for Virgil Van Dijk a player who works for Southampton in the role of central defender. Well, these men have to be very good at what they do, not just Van Dijk, but everyone we mentioned as most are young people waiting to be catapulted into a team like Liverpool, so if it is this way, they must surrender in body and soul in each encounter.
For our part only remains to see if Liverpool made or make good investments, cross your fingers to make it so and you can buy tickets online as that is the best way to invest in the team.
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