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The best match of Tottenham 2016

In the previous season Tottenham had the worst time of its history, nevertheless this semester has improved of astonishing way scoring 25 goals in 34 matches, one of the responsible of this advance is the Belgian Toby Alderweireld. His astonishing leadership and engagement in the team have taken him to such a level by giving more confidence to the team, to encourage fans of his football to buy tickets online and not miss a match. Click here
Together with its technical director Maurucio Pochettino has formed a solid team, with a solid defense and a balanced team for the Premier. It is specifically 3 players who have made this season the best, starting with Mousa Dembele the rebirth of being established as the key to the success of such a team. The forward now midfielder is characterized by highlighting his style in each game.
The 28-year-old has been a fundamental piece in the team giving confidence at the time of each game. As for Harry Kane, many critics and bad opinions accusing this player that his era of fame had come to an end, but it is noteworthy that he is the player with 24 goals and able to convert more than 24 goals in four seasons of the Premier League. But more than a striker is characterized by being ready to the moment that its technical director Pochettino needs him.
Toby Alderweireld is known for being a tough on the attacks with his long journeys and his quick defense in attack. Among Tottenham’s best matches we have their match against Chelsea, unfortunately did not win in that match but placed it second in the Premier League, Tottenham could take advantage in the first half leaving the match 2-0 with goals Of Kane and Heung-Min Son.
Tottenham is clear, they have a match against Chelsea in which there can be no mistake since Chelsea is still looking to qualify in the Europa League and thus revenge their poor performance in the Premier and increase their winning streak. It is important to note that the Blues (Manchester) have not had a loss to the Spurs (Tottenham) in Bridge for a long time so maybe the numbers are in their favor, it all depends on how much they want their Premier and position itself as champion for the Europa League.
Everything will depend on both teams, the technical team and the physical preparation that they had to face. Tottenham will have to do their best and join their team more than ever to win and improve their back. For their part fans are still waiting to buy the tickets online.
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