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Best matches in Liverpool history.


We could say that Liverpool FC is one of the best teams in England, besides being one of the most successful clubs internationally in that country, it is also respected for being one of the clubs with more fans in the world. Liverpool has one of the highest percentages when their fans come to buy tickets online to watch their matches.

Liverpool FC for football lovers is described as a club with a lot of history in England and Europe since it is 125 years old. Over the years, Liverpool has lived unforgettable moments that have marked a history in world football, both tragic and happy moments and that they will never forget the fan base network.

This club has been characterized to carry out exciting games that have remained in history, here are some of the best matches in Liverpool FC history:

1- The miracle of Istanbul, final of the UEFA Champions League 2004/2005:

This final faced Liverpool FC vs AC Milan and was played at Ataturk Stadium in Istanbul, the big favorite was AC Milan because of their great experience in the finals. Liverpool led by Rafa Benitez faced Ancelotti’s Milan plagued by stars like Pirlo, Maldini, Crespo, Shevchenko, Seedorf, and Kaka.

Quickly AC Milan imposed its superiority by scoring the first goal before the first minute through Paolo Maldini, and then Hernán Crespo was in charge of scoring 2 goals to put the 3-0 before the first half. The game seemed defined, but Steven Gerrard was in charge of starting the comeback with a header, and later Smicer would put the 2-3 with a shot.

Finally, Xabi Alonso would charge a penalty in favor of Liverpool to put the 3-3 miraculously, but in the final minute, the goalkeeper, Jerzy Dudek would become a hero by making two miraculous spectacular stops to end the match 3-3.

In extra time none scored and the final would be defined in penalties; by AC Milan would fail Shevchenko the last penalty at the hands of Dudek for Liverpool FC to get the miracle of the comeback.

2- The auto gold goal, final of the UEFA Europa League 2000/2001:

This final would be one of the best in the history of the Europa League, colliding Liverpool FC vs Deportivo Alaves. Liverpool would start winning with goals from Babbel, Gerrard, McAllister, and Fowler, while Alavés scored miraculously with goals from Iván Alonso, Javi Moreno, and Jordi Cruyff.

Finally, the match would be defined in the extra time in the most incredible way possible, Delfi Geli Alavés player scored an own goal in the 117 minutes that would end up giving Liverpool a victory.

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