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The best matches of the Premier League 2016-2017  



For what we are football fans of high international competition, we know that one of the strongest and most competitive leagues is the English league known as (Premier League or the premiership). For the season 2016- 2017 had great challenges, and those who could buy their tickets online were as witnesses in the front row in each exciting encounter.

For the year 2016 in the Premier League, there were meetings unfit for the heart, such as Leicester and Everton that ended with a score of 2 goals for 0 leading Everton to victory with goals from Lakaku. Other of the most exciting matches and only those who could buy tickets online enjoyed that encounter between Manchester United against Sunderland that culminated 3 goals to 1 with a goal of Borini that Overcomes with an unstoppable volley to David de Gea,

For their part Chelsea, who had a good season in 2016-2017, where he had 12 consecutive league victories, for the first time in his history, faced Bournemouth, winning him in a match of total domination for Chelsea 3 goals by 0 It is noteworthy that in this match Eden Hazard is Chelsea’s sixth player to score 50 league goals after Lampard, Drogba, Hasselbaink, Zola and Gudjohnsen.

Another of the emblematic teams of the Premier League is Arsenal, where he scored in all 21 matches against West Bromwich Albion. Record in the competition, in his most important encounter the Arsenal of leads the victory by a bit to zero.

Recall the classification after 17 days:

  1. Chelsea 43
  2. Liverpool 37
  3. Manchester City 36
  4. Arsenal 34
  5. Tottenham 33
  6. Manchester United 30

Chelsea won the 2016- 2017 Premier League title after an agonizing match, but it left a celebration in style with a 1-0 win at West Bromwich Albion and fans who bought their tickets online lived some of the most electrifying experiences of their lives.

A Little History of the League

As fans of the sport king in the world it is interesting to know the origins of each competition, and knowing the beginning of the Premier League does not escape it, this league is the highest category of the system of football leagues England, which begins its competitions in the years 1992-1993 and since that time we have witnessed some of the best teams on the planet as well as the most recognized players.

Footballers of the stature of Cristiano Ronaldo who played for Manchester United, winning three Premier League, Thierry Henry, who was the top scorer in Arsenal’s history with 228 goals of the renowned David Beckham, who won the Premier League six times and so many others who contributed their “magic” to win trophies and hearts of their fans and that only those who took advantage of time and got to buy their tickets online enjoyed it in an exciting way.

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