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Best plays Chelsea vs. Liverpool

The premier league soccer has sweet and intense rivalries, one of the strongest is the rivalry between Chelsea vs. Liverpool, in recent years these teams have created a sense of passion that leads them to buy their tickets online to watch matches every time that Chelsea and Liverpool face in fans.
Talk about Chelsea or Liverpool is to speak of greatness because these two teams are part of the history of English football since they are among the clubs most significant, productive and fruitful in England. Learn more about Chelsea or Liverpool here
This rivalry between Chelsea vs. Liverpool can qualify as exciting, intense and competitive, because of this he has been able to buy the heart of fans in recent years, from 2004, these two teams have had a significant number of games played, including parties of Champions League, Premier League, Capital One, etc.
Recent matches between Chelsea vs. Liverpool:
On 16 September 2016 was played the first match between Chelsea and Liverpool of the 2016 season / 2017, the party would dispute at Stamford Bridge, everything seemed that it was going to be a new victory for Chelsea, but it was not since Liverpool ambush it and would win two goals 1. Dejan Lovren would open the marker at minute 16′ with a shot from the center of the area, then Liverpool would broaden the advantage at minute 36′ by Jordan Henderson, Diego Costa discount the minute 61′, but it would not be enough for the “blues.” This party was a figure of 40.998 tickets purchased approximately, being the most contested by fans online to buy entrance tickets.
The second match of the season of Premier 2016 / 2017 between Chelsea vs. Liverpool would be January 31, 2017; this game would end up tied 1-1 with goals from David Luiz by part of Chelsea and Georgino Wijnaldum’s Liverpool side. Anfield Road which would have 52.833 present fans gave it to this serious game.
Best matches:
Choose the best match between Chelsea and Liverpool is a difficult thing since in each party are exceeded expectations for the fans. Each person can have different criteria on what would be the best, then two sides that are at our discretion.
The party from October 31, 2015, would be one of the most remembered as in this match Liverpool playing visitor would turn and win 3-1. Ramirez would advance to the minute Chelsea 4′, but two goals from Philippe Coutinho (48′) (75′) ahead of the meeting, later Benteke would sentence the party and buy victory for Liverpool.
If we talk about the best plays between Chelsea vs. Liverpool, have to mention that round of UEFA Champions League in the 2007 / 2008 indeed. This round would have on the bench by Liverpool Rafa Benítez and José Mourinho by Chelsea; the first match would be at Anfield and culminated with a 1-1 tie, then at Stamford Bridge Chelsea would resolve the tie winning 3-2. This round has one of the highest figures so far for tickets sold online, being protagonists pages as a way:

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