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Liverpool tipped 2 goals to Crystal Palace in the Premier League Asia Trophy 2017.

  On July 19, 2017 began the Premier League Asia Trophy 2017, a tournament that was played until the 22nd of the same month. Liverpool’s first game was against Crystal Palace, while the other two participants were Leicester City and West Bromwich Albion, for this match all Liverpool fans were able to buy their tickets […]

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Crystal Palace, the worst team of the moment in the Premier League.

  The English team, Crystal Palace continues to expand the worst start in the history of the competition of the Premier League, because 8 games have only won one, being the darkest result that has been in English lands. The best European competitions are only here, you can buy your tickets online For the once […]

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Chelsea defeated Everton 2-0 and recovered in the Premier League

  Chelsea defeated Everton 2-0 at Stamford Bridge in the Premier League. Álvaro Morata and Cesc Fabregas scored the many Londoners. Chelsea beat Everton 2-0 at Stamford Bridge on Premier League 3 date. The team under the command of Conte kicks off in the English tournament and is already in first place with 6 points, […]

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Manchester City, the club with more expenses in signings in the Premier League

  Every year the different clubs make big investments for the physical team, players, coaches and an extensive group of people who work hard to make things go well for Manchester City. What we have just mentioned is necessary, now, signings with exorbitant amounts should not occur only in the last 5 seasons of the […]

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Most anticipated Premier League matches 2017-2018

    Already starting the Premier League and everyone is aware of which teams start the season marking the territory to lead the championship. Ready to buy tickets online? Surely! Those who go for the title this season The Premier League holds more than a title, having a variety of clubs with very high performance, […]

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The Premier League leads the biggest signings of this season in Europe

  The Premier League this summer has not hesitated to spend millions and millions of euros to get the best players for their teams. Clubs such as Manchester United, City, Liverpool, Tottenham and Chelsea have raised costs in the market. Get ready to buy your tickets online that will soon start the action. The most […]

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