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Challenges for Manchester City in 2018


All the European football teams in this week of transfers have moved their pieces to face solidly the next season and such is the case of Manchester City who has made a great investment to have a competitive team to face all the challenges. As a true fan of the best football in the world do not stop buying tickets online.

Pep Guardiola alongside the Manchester City team have been considered the most dynamic set during the signing week because they have made three negotiations that combine experiences, youth and guts to complement what is considered an all-star full of football stars.

In tactical terms Manchester City manager Guardiola will be preparing his players to use the scheme that has given him several victories 4-3-3, with sides that will surely be firm, supported by midfielders of very good experience and three top players at two ends and the one to score.

The Manchester City Squad

Defending the arc is the newly hired Ederson Moraes who as it is available as the starting goalkeeper, and to complement in front the Chilean Claudio Bravo.

Manchester City have Vicent Kompany and Argentine Nicolás Otamendi as their defense, which together will make a stronghold in the center of the squad. In the right side Guardiola has the services of Kyle Walker, who was signed this week from Tottenham for 56 million euros.

Several English newspapers have speculated that Manchester City is close to incorporating also to his oncena to the Brazilian Danilo who is a side of excellent proportions, for a figure of 35 million euros. To give this signing the technical director of the “blue” will have this position defended.

Also completing the template with Kolarov as left-back holder form, but Manchester City has his eye on Benjamin Mendy who is in Monaco.

Meanwhile, the center of the field will be guarded by the Brazilian Fernandinho, who will have the Spanish David Silva and the Portuguese Bernardo Silva ahead of him, with the mission of connecting with the tips.

It is noteworthy that Portuguese Silva has been other of the hiring of Manchester City this week of signings, which have paid by the player 50 million euros to the whole of Monaco for their services.

The Manchester City has as strategy of game to three forwards that will use and that is where it could explode the spark plug. Kevin de Bruyne is emerging as one of the starters in the “Pep” scheme that would come from the right and generating alter to the contrary. On the other side it is known that the holder would be Leroy Sané, although the player Raheem Sterling is a good alternative of a high level that has the Manchester City.

In point as the center forward of the whole of the City as was expected, is the footballer “Kun” Aguero. But Manchester City have a letter up their sleeve and it is on the part of Gabriel Jesus that is an option to thrash any opponent.

With this team the Manchester City thinks to face the next season. Follow every football moment when buying tickets Online.

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