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Chelsea and Liverpool 2017 party

The game of football in Europe known for being the best in the world, there the most famous players in the soccer world, gather every year each of them leaves everything on the Court to win the Grand Prize, making it a privilege to be able to witness a match with these players. Invite you to buy your ticket online so that you attend the big gathering of football in Europe.

The meeting of two great teams as it is Chelsea and Liverpool took place at Stadium Anfield Road, where both fought for a place in the Premier League on their day 23. It was a fierce battle where the result was a 1-1 draw being Chelsea who made their first score in the first half, after Liverpool showed their effort managed to tie the game, and while it has had a bad streak with the loss to several teams, however, do not let that such a situation will affect it and could tie the party with the auction of Dutch Georginio Wijnaldum.

At this meeting, there was a favorite course since both teams have a staff of height where there are top players, and both had the ability to take the victory in this event. However, it is important to highlight that the Chelsea team had some advantage against Liverpool that had been losing parties back. However, it was clear that Liverpool had a good defense that did not allow the defeat but the tie, but that cannot rise as the winner in this event, only managed one point, challenging stage for the same by the defeats that have had this season.

Numerous fans attended this meeting for both teams, which they bought their tickets online and they enjoyed a game of height, however, there was a winner. Furthermore, the party was not the quite dynamic and exciting for fans, they wanted to see a winner, not a draw. The meeting was warm and with much enthusiasm by the public Viewer. However, at the end results was not what fans expected that invite you not to miss any match of the Premier League and sees participate in the big gathering of soccer teams.

Sales of tickets via online was a great success for this meeting were sold hundreds of tickets to see the live match between Chelsea and Liverpool. Without the doubt, Chelsea promises a good season of victories for approaching the great moment that everyone expects and is the end of the Premier League.

Fans hope that Liverpool will lift and wake up from this nightmare where has only to win a single game, little encouraging picture in the Premier League, on the other hand, Chelsea continues to advance in the standings by expected much more than this team. To experience a party in Europe, invite you to buy your ticket online, don’t miss it.

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