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Chelsea vs. arsenal match-best

There is a fierce rivalry between Arsenal and Chelsea, known locally in London or England as the Derby of the premier league soccer, since they are one of the most famous teams in the League and those who have more fans in Europe, is not to be expected that both teams whenever faces are without a doubt some generate high tension inside the stadium either as local or visitor so important that the fans are always cautious when buying your tickets online or tickets Tickets and maintained at all times to both and the expectations whenever they face Arsenal with Chelsea

He Arsenal currently has with a quarry of players exceptional and of very high level both of alternate as holders, as defense per Mertesacker and Kieran Gibbs, as front the great Alexis Sanchez and Olivier Giroud without leave to a side the great work that plays Mesut Ozil, Ramsey and Santi Cazorla players of carving world that shine in the field by their exceptional played, by Chelsea a great team that we all know has players like Cahill, David Luiz, and John Terry in defence accompanied by the great player ask Fabregas and as front the Spanish Diego Costa and the Belgian Eden Hazard which, in combination, make tremble to its rival arsenal as any other team in the premier league

Better match between Arsenal and Chelsea 2016/2017

This time the Chelsea and Arsenal staged one of the greatest duels of the premier league and more still for the arsenal that is far from Chelsea in the table with 50 targets, disputed at Stamford Bridge where it was broadcast online and on channels television, at the start of the match was the thrill that to vibrate to the fans, the Arsenal was the first to attack in the area rival in the first few minutes of the game with iwobi Moreover Chelsea had his first opportunity in the following minute with a free kick to the area of Gary Cahill to define head the first goal, however later Chelsea took back control and maintained the superiority against Arsenal

After the break at the start of the second half had great intensity Stadium trembled euphoria that had fans in the 13th minute for a goal that defined hazard, Arsenal without goal against a Chelsea showing substantial maintained hope and was still struggling to find his first goal and thus open the bookmark, later in minute 69 Welbeck replacement to Walcott in this way Arsenal sought somehow free games that would allow them to get a little, then Welbeck butted that unfortunately does not end in goal, coming near the end of the party again Chelsea made another goal by an unfortunate error from each and then by the end of the game in the discount with the help of Olivier Giroud gender the first and sole purpose ending in 3-1 defeat to Arsenal which allows his rival to consolidate itself at the top of the English League

So Chelsea stays first in the table while then its rival Arsenal away more and more than it Summit but still keep the hope that remains split by competing but must improve his result significantly since the difference is remarkably large so it must try to win in the upcoming games

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