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Forecasts of the encounters of Tottenham against the Leicester and Hull City’s visitor

The Tottenham fans still in the purchase of tickets online to support, now more than ever, his team second place in the Premier League has come out this season, and he will face Leicester City Football Club and Hull City to close the season.
Season finale
King Power Stadium will host the Spurs to close the season in the English League and whose sole purpose is to keep his burst of victories at home.
Be victorious over Tottenham, who has had a good run during the season; the Foxes would end located in the high half of the English table.
Also Hull City, who is the 18ava. The position of the classification will receive the Spurs at KCOM Stadium.
On the other hand, the template under the direction of the Argentine Mauricio Pocketing, who have already had their match against Manchester United, resulting victorious 2-1 for the last time at White Hart Lane, rose with the second place of the League, and only seek to finish the season with the biggest success possible, and that implies earn the foxes in your home.
Performance to the Max
So far the performance of Tottenham has been optimal, while it failed to overcome Chelsea and brought by only Pochetino strategies seek to reinforce the team and exploit their potential to the fullest.
With an alignment of Dele there, Harry Kane and Víctor Wanmaya ready to top the arch rival, the Argentinian is confident that this party added to his streak of victories, because he has won 8 of the last matches played; While Leicester City has only won 4 of their last disputes and Hull City he has failed to remain in the English League and it has fallen to the Championship.
The statistics are running a great Tottenham to be displayed much higher and confident, despite being an in-house enemy, but that managed to consolidate in the Premier League as the second best in this period.
Last games
While the Spurs have shown a mastery during the season, many opt for the tie at the King Power, since in their final match at White Hart Lane, they tied at 1; similarly, the same thing happened last season but in the Leicester House.
On the other hand, in the FA Cup the Pochetino delete you Foxes 2-0.
As for Hull City, there seems no doubt the superiority of Tottenham, since not only the Tigers, have fallen to the second division, but they will play with a lot of casualties, among them Winks, Lamela, Trippier, Rose, Walker & Carter – Vickers are.
Expect to witness these parties of closure where the Leicester or Hull City it will not easy because that will face the ‘Hurricane’ Harry Kane, considered one of the best players in the world.
Also to the English Dele Alli, who is one of the players most sought by European and Asian clubs at the moment thanks to its growth and evolution throughout the season.
Playing wait and see if Tottenham are confident and dominates his rivals as he has done so far, and closes as well his season without setbacks and mistakes at the last minute, so all Mavs fans are ready to buy tickets online to support their team as they have done so far.

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