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Harry Kane Tottenham striker

Tottenham’s exploits this season, though they were not enough to win the Premier League, made him the second-best in England and fans were quick to offer their support by buying tickets online for each match.
A formidable team
The Spurs have received a lot of praise this season. His defense has been considered the most feasible of the English league, his player Dele Alli is the best young player of the Premier and of course Harry Kane who is the best player and the best striker of this course.
Hary Kane
Kane, 23, is the highest paid in Tottenham’s history. His contract was renewed last season due to his statistics and the interest of clubs like Real Madrid, Paris Saint-Germain or Manchester United.
Well, did not disappoint Harry, as this season has been the best striker of his team and one of the best in the Premier and the world.
It has been said that Pochetino, who was stubborn and unstable by not looking for a substitute for Kane in the signing season, has charged all the responsibility of winning every game over the 23-year-old striker.
At the beginning of the season, after Harry’s absence from an ankle injury, the team staggered and his coach looked worried and insecure.
On his return, Kane managed to score three goals in the game against the Stoke Cit (winning 4-0), which is known as a hat-trick. This would be his third hat-trick in 9 consecutive games.
Kane has shown remarkable growth throughout each season. His records only predict that this striker will be one of the best in the world.
Last year he finished with 28 goals and two assists in 38 games, while this year, after missing some 10 weeks with the ankle injury, he played 30 games and closed with 29 goals, being the top scorer of the season.
This number surpassed the strikers of Everton and Arsenal, Lukaku (25 goals) and Sánchez (24 goals), respectively. While Diego Costa, top scorer of the season champion, Chelsea, was a total of 20 goals at the close.
In the Spurs’ loss to Leicester (6-1), Kane added 4 goals, now he would have 26 goals.
He then finished his season with another hat-trick against Hull City, reaching his 29 final goals, which managed to maintain for the second year the Golden Boot.
Kane has expressed his desire to win the Golden Ball and has said that he admires Cristiano Ronaldo as the great player that is and who hopes to someday be like this.
With 113 games he has a total of 78 goals, so he expects to reach 100 next season to be among the distinguished group of those who have achieved that figure in the Premier.
Great season for Tottenham. Now more than ever they enjoys the support of his fans who are going to buy tickets online to support the club that is on the rise each season.
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