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On the field of play, the equipment is divided in who will attack, and who will defend. Who will defend the need to have a good concentration and strategy to prevent the Japanese team to reach the playing field while those going to invade the opposite field must maintain mastery of the ball to achieve the score, for that is the front. This is one of the positions waiting for Liverpool can strengthen for the next season, so now go to buy your tickets online to support them.

The candidates

Liverpool has been observing the performance of different front and has not hesitated to put them on the list of possible players for the following season. One of them is the Mexican striker Raúl Jiménez, who would be on the verge of leaving Benfica FC and the technical director, Jürgen Klopp, wouldn’t hesitate to include him in your template.

On the other hand, is the German forward, Timo Werner, who was surprised to different technical directors with their performance during their participation in the RB Leipzig of the Bundesliga. With 21 goals and his eight assists registered very good figures for a player of that age. And of course the German footballer to be among players with more possibility of entering the box of Liverpool FC, therefore already has captured the attention of Jürgen Klopp.

Who has been the target of looks is the revelation of the Monaco, the French Kylián Mbappé. From 2015 has shown having great skills to advance the field of play. Now it’s objective to strengthen the Liverpool attack but there is a long list of teams, among those the Real Madrid Club, which has been pending their status with respect to the contract that has with the Monaco.

However, his current team has declared that it wants to count on your participation within the box of the Monaco the following season. It is a little disappointing news for Liverpool but the ‘Reds’ convince not desist in its aim to give the best on a playing field.

Other figures who have managed to capture the attention of the German Jürgen Klopp is the French Alexandre Lacazette who pointed out with a good record of goals marked could be an option feasible for Liverpool, while Arsenal FC is who has the advantage to realize in Lacazette signing.


When great players are revealed is inevitably begin to stretch the list of teams willing to pay a generous offer to have them on your alignment. Liverpool has been looking at several of them with the intention of having a steel barrier that allows them to devote themselves as the best teams in Europe in attack position. However, competition to convince the players is strong, therefore they have their preferences and while broader opportunities are more difficult it will be to achieve a contract. But for fans, it is not so difficult to choose the best positions to buy tickets online to enjoy matches at Stadium.

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