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Last game Chelsea vs. Arsenal

Fourth of February took place the 24th day of the premier league at Stamford Bridge, a very exciting and tight match that claimed to be an actual duel between these two team, came to this meeting being the first and third in the table Positions, which will ensure the winner a place guaranteed in the final round of this important football competition in Europe. Chelsea came to this meeting as the great favorite, as it comes with a very good streak of their previous matches. efficientThis great duel is absorbing for all the fans who are in the fight to get their tickets and attend this interesting duel, the most effective and useful way is offered to fans to buy their tickets and attend this meeting is to buy via Online, quickly and safely from the comfort of their homes just by accessing the web, if you want to know more, click here.
Results of the meeting
As had been said in most of the previous to this party Chelsea was a candidate to win this meeting, the result was not expected and Chelsea ended up defeating the Arsenal three goals by one, only those who attended this match watched and Caught up with the excitement of a true duel of titans, very calm in the first part with a goal from Chelsea, then in the second part came the rest, Arsenal reduced size to finally finish in 3-1, the real excitement of this match The lucky ones who managed to buy their tickets and attend the stadium, most of the assistants were able to buy their tickets online because most of the box office was sold out in record time, many fans were left without attending this last meeting between Chelsea and the arsenal, so this does not happen to you if you’re a fan we recommend the best way to buy your tickets for any football game from anywhere in the world. The World, buy the best fast and safe online from the comfort of your home, never again will miss a match of your favorite team, for more information how to do it enter here.
Who were the protagonists of this meeting?
Alonso, Hazard, and Fabregas were the authors of the three goals that gave the victory to Chelsea, while the Arsenal achieved a single for the discount, Giroud in the 90th minute marks a very real goal that although it did not approach them The victory for the late that came, served to encourage the team that did not set during the whole encounter until that time, not only the players were the protagonists of the meeting, much credit must be given to spectators and fans that despite all The setbacks found their tickets and they helped to cheer up their teams, it became a bit complicated for fans to get their tickets, only those who accessed via online managed to get their tickets quickly and safely at best Specialized portal to buy your tickets and attend the meetings of your team is not an Odyssey do it the best way and buy online.

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