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The Manchester City of Guardiola Improves the Figures



The Manchester City team offers stronger numbers than the legendary Arsenal of 2003 – 2004 and leads the Premier with 38 goals in favor and 7 against, which is considered a record on day 11, for this and other football news English do not forget to buy your tickets online.

The new Manchester City 2.0

Nine goals scored and none conceded in the last week, leaders in his group in the Champions League and also in the Premier League, matched with United, Manchester City has started at full speed his second season with Pep Guardiola in charge, the new signings have had an immediate impact and have improved the performance of a team that lives a solid moment of form, these are some of the tactics used by Guardiola that allow the City team to be 2.0.

Tactics used by Guardiola

Evolution of the laterals

140 million euros were invested in three lanes, but the truth is that the improvement has been capitalized, the City has obtained another dimension with breadth and depth found by the bands, “they have a lot of energy, now they know that our sides arrive and their centers do a lot of damage, “said Guardiola on the great contribution of the signings in this demarcation, also reflect the data, the two sidelines, Walker and Mendy are in the top 5 of the players in the template that serves more key passes by party, in addition Walker has given up to date two assists of goal, Mady one and Danilo one more in 5 official parties disputed until the moment.

New role of extremes

One of the consequence of the improvement of the sides has been experienced by the extremes, more freed now to go down in other areas of the field. Pep has highlighted the performance of Sterling when playing more inside, in fact the English has two goals in the league, the two scored from the heart of the area, in the same way you can say Leroy Sane and even Gabriel Jesus who also adapts the position of false extreme.

The best De Bruyne

“Kevin is one of the best players I’ve seen in my life, he can do absolutely everything”, with this clarity Guardiola showed his devotion to one of his players who has started better this season, having a better quality of play and more commitment, something that was missing last season, so far totals 3 goal passes, averages 7.5 centers in the area per game, has made up to 35 recoveries and has played with inside end or even midfielder.

Effect of the three central

Guardiola has found in the 3-5-2, scheme most used by Manchester City so far this season, an excellent solution to control the almost uncontrollable Premier League.

The one of Santpedor showed a year ago its preoccupation to control the aerial disputes, with the three power stations in the eleven, this aspect has changed for good, no equipment in the Premier wins more aerial disputes that the Manchester City takes to date a 61.5% of duels are the “Sky Blue”, this shows that Guardiola is doing well with this new system, do not forget to buy your tickets online.


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