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Manchester City vs. Hull City match 08 April

The premiere league in its day number thirty-two hosted the game between Manchester City and Hull City, match to be played at Etihad Stadium. This game will give much to talk and is very expected as it will be played in the middle of elimination attempts by both teams, you can buy tickets online to enjoy live.
Manchester comes from an indigent streak as he has lost his previous encounters which force him to emerge victorious from this he finds to continue with his aspirations to remain in the contest. The mood plays a decisive role in this match and Manchester comes from being eliminated from the premiere league which accentuates a not very favorable scenario for this squad. The Hull City, in contrast, comes from obtaining very positive results in their last encounters, has won victories in their last meetings which put it with very good spirit before this match.
The predictions for this game do not favor Hull City, because all give as a winner to Manchester, because Hull has a very unfortunate streak when playing as a local, however many hopes are placed on the team as he has come with Very good results obtained with very good soccer in the last meetings.
The last time they saw these teams was in the first leg of this same contest where it was the winner of Manchester which gives not very good omens for this squad, however in football nothing is written, you will see what happens in the Field of play, their fans are eager to see live and direct and from the area of play this game that means a lot for both teams, the opportunity to enjoy the game is to buy tickets to attend the match, quickly and easily Via online login here
Results of the meeting
The match was dominated by the Manchester team as expected to be the winner of the match with a score of three for one, a very close encounter but that ended up being a splendid spectacle for all the fans who attended the stadium to enjoy this Spectacular encounter. Hull scored in the first half on a controversial play where it resulted so much that favored them, but that came from an auto goal play, however the superiority of Manchester did not wait and in the second half began the discount and then came two More that they put the encounter in the refrigerator giving a victory to Manchester by thrashing.
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