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Manchester United beat SL Benfica by the minimum difference



Buying tickets online for the Champions League matches in advance has its reward, as you can find offers and the best seats, so do not leave it until the last minute. Here is a summary of the victory that Manchester United won against SL Benfica.

How is the table of the Champions League?

So far, Manchester United leads group A with 9 points, as well as PSG (group B), Barcelona (group D), Manchester City (group F) and Besiktas (group G), all with 9 points.

Chelsea leads group C and Tottenham group H, both with 7 points, while Liverpool leads Group E with only 5 points.

SL Benfica faced Manchester United on October 18 but was beaten by the slightest difference. It is worth remembering that these two clubs are on the list of the best in Europe.

In the case of Benfica, this team has won 36 First Division championships in Portugal and two Champions League; United has accumulated 20 Premier League titles and 3 Champions League championships.

Thus, this meeting would be between two great teams that would not give up so easily.

First half of the match

Having started the first half at Estadio da Luz, home of Benfica, Manchester United led by Mourinho would face in the first leg of the group stage of the Champions League against Benfica. This was an excellent opportunity to add another 3 points for the Portuguese coach.

The first 45 minutes passed without much surprise and both clubs showed the same style of play, with clear scoring opportunities, but without being able to define any of these plays

Second half

Arrival the second half, the match seemed to fight in the middle of the field, and it was not until 64 ‘when United scored his only goal thanks to a direct free kick to the arch of Vilar charged by Marcus Rashford, which was analyzed by the main one through the technology in the stadium, to continue to accredit it to all the devils network.

After this result, Benfica loses more and more their pass to the next round of the Champions. He does not score points this season yet.

The second leg of the group stage between these clubs will take place on October 31 at the home of Manchester United.

So far, Mourinho has achieved the desired results and it is expected that the English club will reach the final this year to contest the title since there would be seven seasons without reaching a final in this competition.

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