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Mauricio Pochetino will remain as Tottenham’s coach

The last game of the team that leads the Argentinian coach was a great victory, because Tottenham won its last game at home and the fans, who did not hesitate to buy tickets online, could witness the last battle disputed by the Spurs at the White Hart Lane which was about to be demolished.
Pochetino is coveted for big clubs
The 44-year-old Argentinian seems to be in the sights of some great clubs like Barcelona, ​​Inter Milan and Sevilla, it would not be less, since after only two seasons with the Spurs has classified Tottenham to the Champions League after five years they did not achieve this classification.
Mauricio said it was not easy to battle for the lead in the Premier League table but was happy with the results despite having achieved the second place, below Chelsea.
He declared that being second was good at the time for the team but he hoped to change that for next season, thus breaking with rumors of his supposed departure from Tottenham.
The Argentinian will not leave the Spurs
The press had shown much expectation as to whether Pochetino will continue or not with Tottenham. The Argentinian has talked about his commitment to the team and the desire he has to continue joining them.
He has expressed that Tottenham is a squad with a lot of ability and youth, because no player over the age of 30 and, moreover, the players who appear more, such as Kane, Dell Alli or Lamela do not exceed 25 years, also believes that some small modifications in strategies can achieve next season’s win.
For his part, Tottenham President Daniel Levy expressed his excitement over the renewal of the contract with Pochetino until 2021 and has shown great affection for this coach who has been doing great and has positioned himself as one of the most successful technicians in their area. Followers are happy and ready to buy tickets online for next encounters.
Pochetino looks very well geared to Tottenham
The cordial relationship that has been seen between the Argentinian technician and his team is not to ignore; it seems that it is precisely this good relationship that has allowed them to understand each other and achieve positive results for the Spurs.
President Levy said: “Mauricio has brought a great spirit and effort to the team as well as an offensive style of football with which he has always been associated with this club. He has built a team with young people and experience that has competed at the highest level.

Everyone is delighted with its renovation”.
Showing once again his satisfaction for having someone like Pochetino on his team.
The Argentinian, who congratulated Chelsea on their way to the championship, promised more effort and be more creative to win next season, and was thrilled and moved by the emotional farewell to the stadium.
He said he was very satisfied and honored by all the fans who have shown their support and delight for the results obtained by Tottenham, which was reflected in the eyes of all who clicked to buy the tickets online to be part of the farewell given to Manchester at White Hart Lane.
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