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Men’s Wimbledon Final 2017



The great men’s final of Wimbledon is approaching and will be debated between two current awesome tennis players such as Roger Federer and Marin Cilic, who will be the winner of the third Grand Slam of the season, the Swiss seeks to make history and become the tennis player with more titles in London (8), while the Croatian will look for his second Major, the first for him in the cathedral of tennis, to know about this and other tennis news do not forget to buy your tickets online.

Winner by advantage

Many think that the Swiss will have the victory in this match and will take the title but the Medjugorje is a great tennis player and will not allow absolutely a single point, why it is thought that Marin is the great forgotten? Because in tournaments like this one Cilic does not appear, even men who have not won a big one like Raonic, Nishikori, Dimitrov appear ahead of him, but working quietly is only one step away from winning his second Grand Slam.

Throughout his career Roger has always been very good against Marin’s style players: very tall players, with difficulties when moving on the sides and powerful serve and right handers, but the Croatian has a different fact:  he has improved a lot, as well as having a good set of feet despite its height (198 cm), and it is not that bad to underestimates his rival, but he has all the qualities of beating him if he has the opportunity to move.

Previous meetings

In the last two clashes between them, it can be said that the Wimbledon king can be anywhere as in 2014 Cilic played an incredible match in the US Open semifinals and took Roger Federer out of the tournament in three sets, Marin for his part seemed to be touched by a magic wand since that day barely gave options to a Roger somewhat dull of ideas.

Last year and the only match between them on the grass, Cilic put two the set to zero on the London grass against Roger, who started to come back and ended up taking the game in an epic duel. Roger began to cut ground against the Croatian when he took a small step forward and is that if he lets Marín to take the initiative, he will get into trouble.

The Swiss is playing a little more offensively than in Australia, something that is understandable. But before rivals like Dimitrov or Raonic he gave an offensive recital, on the other hand Berdych in the semifinals took away great part of the initiative and it was seen a more irregular part of the Swiss but he knew perfectly the important points, something that made him able to take the game.

Cilic would have seen that the tactics he used was not all bad and we may see a very offensive function of the world number 6, preventing Roger from turning to the right and starting to move backwards with deep blows to the center of the track, then throw angled shots that will allow him to close the points with a Winner from behind or up the network, in this way we can see that the Wimbledon king is on the lookout as it is not known who will win, will be Federer or Cilic? to know who will win you have to buy your tickets online.

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