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Premier League highlights for 2018


The Premier League is in full swing and there is too much diversity of clubs, footballers, coaches and great characters who begin to give voices of who are the best to sign. This time we decided to talk about a few, those who seem to have neon lights behind their talents and catch the attention of professionals and fans, we do because we like and also because we are clear that this drives many people to buy tickets online to watch the matches.

Luciano Vietto

He is a 23-year-old forward who currently plays for Sevilla FC in the forward position and is in the sights of the club Mónaco FC, his career is quite solid although he is very young: he has played for Racing Club, Villarreal CF, Atletico Madrid and now for Sevilla FC Monaco wants to sign Vietto because one of the best strikers: Kylian Mbappé wants to escape to another club, the rumors about Mbappé are many, but as they say, that’s another issue that is better not to mention.

Samuel Castillejo

A midfielder who represents the best option to give a solution to an irregular situation that the German club lives with respect to a striker: Ousmane Dembélé. Of course, it is not that Samuel Castillejo is the only Borussia Dortmund want to sign, is only part of the list of about three or four players for next year, the club has not claimed that Castillejo will be his replacement especially because it seems that club still has the hope that Dembélé will decide to remain in the team, but according to our perspective that is a dream that Borussia Dortmund will not reach at least this time.

Wesley Hoedt

The signing of Hoedt is more than ready, negotiations have already taken place between Lazio (club to which Hoedt belonged) and Southampton FC (new place where the defender will have to show his talent) Unlike the players that we mentioned before, Hoedt does not have as much experience, however, Southampton FC has already paid for this player and now it is up to him to deliver his full potential. The Premier League is a place where hundreds of people decide to buy tickets online and go see the matches, it’s not a good idea for fans to leave Southampton FC disappointed again.

Grzegorz Krychowiak

Finally, another of the signposts that will give much to say next year is the Polish midfielder Krychowiak plays for Paris Saint Germain but AC Milan aims to reach a favorable agreement and thus join the clubs that invite more and more fans to buy the tickets online and see the goals directly at the stadium. We do not know how much they pay for the signing of Krychowiak or for any of the ones we mentioned before, all we know is that football is really fun and that we have to take advantage of it.

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