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Rivalry between Manchester United vs Liverpool


It is assumed that a rivalry is a toxin triggered by history and the threat of modernity, but the one in these teams is a rivalry that began in the playing fields and is currently demonstrated in every game. Every song and every shout threw from the fans of the same runs to buy ticket online and looks closely this team’s

Some history

For much is the greatest rivalry on the island and fans of both clubs consider it more emblematic than the local derby they dispute, Liverpool does with Everton and Manchester United has to see the face with the uncomfortable neighbor Manchester City. One of the reasons why there is so much rivalry between these teams is the proximity between the two cities, only separated by 56 kilometers, with the advent of the industrial revolution began to create economic and industrial tension.

Liverpool became the economic capital of the north and was one of the major ports of the north, thanks to the production of cotton, however in Manchester was the great textile companies of the country. The citizens of Manchester decided to build the Manchester Chip Channel This way it avoided that the merchandise passed first by Liverpool and thus later to arrive at its city, this did not like to the businessmen of the Liverpool that opposed to the construction. But they could not and in 1894 this channel was finished building, Which gave rise to a historic rivalry between these two cities.

Rivalry in Soccer

Months after the end of the construction of this channel, the first confrontation between these two teams occurred, on April 28, 1894, Liverpool beat the Newton heart, a name that was founded Manchester United. Although at the beginning there was much hatred between both hobbies was still not taken as a classic, it was at the end of the 1920s that began to be considered as such.

With the arrival of Matt Busby to the bench of the red devils, in 1945, the rivalry reached another level Busby had been an emblematic player for Liverpool from 1935 to 1939 and that being trainer of Manchester United was something that did not please the fans E reds. Manchester won 2 leagues during the 50’s when fans of the harbor want to forget since 1994 to 1962 were in the second division.

Bill Shankly was the person responsible for bringing Liverpool to its former glory, once it returned to the first division, it took him two years to win the championship, from the season of 1963 until 1967, these two clubs distributed the English football titles, with which the rivalry between the teams began to grow.

Over the next two decades, Liverpool had a better performance in history, winning 11 league titles, 3 FA Cup, 4 league cups and 4 UEFA Champions League. While United did not perform well, as their best achievement was To win this rival in an FA Cup final in 1977, in the 80 the parties were affected by the “Hooligans”, although on this date was the arrival of Sir Alex Ferguson would change the history of the team forever.

With the creation of the Premier League in 1992 it was United’s turn to have their golden age, they have won 13 English football titles and 2 Champions League, although the Liverpool could enjoy themselves by winning the Milan team in the Champions League final League in 2005, considered one of the most dramatic finals in history.

Nowadays these two teams had 2 games in which they ended in a draw, the first meeting was a strong but disappointing encounter and that there were no goals at night at Anfield. In the second match, Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Manchester United was in charge of starting the tie to secure the point, the participation of the two signings of José Mourinho was a contrast and it seemed that Pogba would be the story but Zlatan got the point, buy your ticket online.

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