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Summary of matches Liverpool vs Swansea


The Edition number 22 of the English League was inaugurated by the match Liverpool vs Swansea. A party in which fans lived the excitement of soccer at its finest, buy your tickets online were able to guarantee a place in the stands to enjoy this match live.

The game

Like all good football match, this meeting was two times that the players showed their best skills on the field of play. Players lay in the encounter all the desire to give the best. Its viewers are tuned and expected that Liverpool will extend beyond this event since they are the people who are in a position of a local computer.

First time

You start the game. Liverpool and Swansea are prepared to attack the opposite field and with so solid defense which will not pass the buck in command of the Japanese team. But it was Swansea who began dominating the field in the 48 minute when scoring his first goal, taking the honors the Spanish Fernando Llorente, leaving the score at 0 – 1.

Second time

The tension mounts in this second time in 52 min when the same player with a powerful header manages to score in next item leaving Swansea in an advantage well above Liverpool FC.

But Liverpool FC was not made to intimidate because 55 it makes its first mark on the Board when Firmino takes the lead. The tie comes in the minute number 69, a 2 – 2 that has given Liverpool a small air of hope.

That glorious moment of hope only lasted you a few minutes. In the middle of the playing field appears Sigurdsson, the Swansea player, who manages to score the goal that would allow his team get the win over Liverpool, leaving as the winner with a score of 2-3.

From the bleachers

An exciting and hard-fought match. That is what keeps the excitement in the stands. Tension, anxiety, and prayer to heaven is what abounds in the middle of the fans that the team that fans are supporting can be crowned as the winner of the game.

We know that the emotions of fans stay on a high in during the development of the game and that is part of the support that is essential for the players. Between whistles, flags painted faces and songs they enjoy together with classmates and friends for a totally unique experience.

While Liverpool did not find victory in this game it is a team that has shown great guts on the Court over time and is something that cannot be discussed because we always see that this great team manages to bring together large numbers of fans in the stands. Those fans are the ones who order book the best places to buy your tickets online.

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