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Tottenham draw 1-1 against Real Madrid



The Real Madrid team tied at home against Tottenham for the competition to achieve the leadership of group H and reach the round of 16 in the Champions League-

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The Spanish team Real Madrid was equaled to 1 goal only with the whole of Tottenham, where the players of pochettino with a target of Banane were ahead. Then in the course of the game would come to the Portuguese Cristiano Ronaldo who tied the game thanks to a penalty goal.

In this game between the Spaniards and English, there was the distribution of points in the Bernabéu. It is worth mentioning that this result leaves the leadership of Group H undetermined. The whole of Tottenham went ahead thanks to an own goal from Varane. The Portuguese equaled the game before going to the break with a penalty goal.

Intense first half has been played by Real Madrid and Tottenham at the Bernabéu stadium. The team of French Zinedine Zidane started better. Arriving with assiduity to the area of ​​Lloris, but failed in the definition. Cristiano and Benzema could open the scoring. But it was the Pochettino players who struck first after several consecutive attempts, Varane in his attempt to clear the ball into his own goal.

Real Madrid reacted well and tried from all sides to find the draw, which came thanks to a penalty to Kroos that defined Cristiano Ronaldo. All open for the second time.

It is worth mentioning that Real Madrid, led by Frenchman Zinedine Zidane, looked for the second goal insistently in the second half, but they found an outstanding player, Lloris. For his part forward Karim Benzema had the clearest. In several important plays in the match Keylor also saved the merengue team from a defeat with several miraculous stops for Kane and Eriksen. The two teams stay level with points, goals conceded and received.

Keylor Navas: “Lloris has made great stops”

“We had a great rival in front of us, there were many opportunities for both teams,” emphasized the Real Madrid goalkeeper Navas, after the match by group H of the Champions League. Real Madrid goalkeeper Keylor Navas spoke after the game was tied at the Bernabéu. In a game of comings and goings in which the Costa Rican was decisive.

The goalkeeper Navas argued that “We were able to do the job well, but in the end, we could not leave satisfied. We wanted to win, we worked throughout the game for this. We had a great rival in front, there were many opportunities for both. ”

The Real Madrid goalkeeper also commented “It is difficult when the teams are well placed, very complicated. Lloris has made great stops, we created options, we tried to make goals, but many times things do not go as we want ”

“We wanted to leave the goal to zero. There are situations that can not be controlled. Let’s hope in future matches that we can win and that are important points. Said the goalkeeper of the white team.


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