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Tottenham to open stadium next season

England’s second-placed Tottenham will no longer play at White Hart Lane, but next season their fans will buy tickets online for Wembley while their new venue is ready.
Wembley National Stadium Limited
Wembley Stadium, where the 90,000-seat England squad is usually played, will be the Spurs’ new home as the construction of their new stadium is completed.
The new stadium will have a capacity of 61 thousand places.
Tottenham have already had several games at Wembley as their headquarters, and they only need to play their Premier League, FA Cup, and FA Cup.
The Spurs will only have ‘the cathedral’ as home during the 2017-18 season.
The new headquarters
There is much expectation about the design of the new stadium that is said to receive concerts and two football matches (NFL) per season.
The NFL has contributed almost $ 13 million for its construction, as Tottenham has a 10-year contract with the National Football League to host some of their games.
Some have said that Tottenham’s new stadium will cost about 450 million euros.
Other sources, such as ESPN, have claimed that its total cost is about $ 1025 million.
This stadium will be the largest stadium in London, surpassing Emirates Stadium, home to Arsenal that hosts 60 thousand people and cost 581 million euros. It will be a new English icon.
The capacity of the White Hart Lane was 36 thousand people, so now, with a bigger and modern stadium, it is expected to increase the profits of the club, to obtain dividends by the naming right and to enter up to about 100 million pounds due To their sponsors each season.
Release date
On 14 May the Spurs said goodbye to White Hart Lane against Manchester United beating them 2-1, after a nostalgic but enthusiastic goodbye.
This party marked its farewell of the field to begin the demolitions quickly and to raise the new and ambitious set that promises to be the best stadium in the world, according to members of the club.
The next day, May 15, the demolitions began in a hurry as the new site is expected to be ready by the end of 2018.
This iconic enclosure will feature a hotel with 180 rooms, an area that will be used to practice extreme disciplines and will have three changing rooms for changing rooms.
The Arsenal has been annoyed by this project that would make its enclosure move to the background, but nothing seems to stop this magnificent work.
Tottenham fans will buy tickets for Wembley next season, but for the 2018-19 season, there is going to be a dominant race to get online tickets for the new and magnificent Spurs’ home.
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