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The Tottenham tickets 2016 best match

The Tottenham Hotspur a club that integrates the premier league or known mostly as the League English is an of them best and more active leagues of football that there are in Europe and the world and is off considering that this club along all its career has had countless participations in different Championships, have had as result several titles both local level of leagues within England as also in leagues of tournament world not undoubtedly the Tottenham left FC marked an imprint in the history of football that we no doubt filled with special moments.

2016/17 last season Tottenham has shown an exceptional level in creating games as in several occasions (parties) the definition is notable despite those defeats where the result has not been positive but Tottenham has managed to turn the score, and that is reflected in the standings in second place with 56 goals for a minimal difference that separates them from the tip of the Chelsea on the pitch

Include a club with a long history in the English League, Tottenham had a rather unpleasant time in the 70’s, in this era had a decrease in the League from first to the second division in the hands of Terry Neil where only juice with this director a season.

But leaving behind the past today this team account with players from first as Harry Kane, and Erik Lamela have led Tottenham to achieve significant victories in many of the disputed competitions.

The passion that fans have shown in 2016 where the sale of tickets was superior to the previous years, without a doubt a great hobby that was not lost on any game. Shopping online was the preference of many fans who opted for different reasons just click and buy your ticket for Tottenham in the comfort of your home or work parties

Best games of 2016

Tottenham or also known as the Spurs had the opportunity to confront the Arsenal a rival undoubtedly unyielding, on that occasion the visitors took advantage with a definition of Ramsey, 15 minutes after the break Kane gave a goal for his team, Colombian goalkeeper for his part did an excellent job covering the ball that almost was for goal energetic Arsenal and led by Alexis Sánchez could write down a bit was decisive for finish with a draw of 2-2 between Tottenham and Arsenal

Another opportunity to Tottenham was when faced with Chelsea a team that so far leads the table on this occasion played at Stamford Bridge as visitors, a match that Tottenham had to get the most from a win, no doubt, so many God marked by strikers Harry Kane and hung-ming in the first time such an outcome appeared to give victory to the Spurs, but still much needed to play. However, the Chelsea man later, in an intense game managed curling even hazard goal to turn the scoreboard and thus even Chelsea Tottenham before

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