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Tottenham’s triumph over Manchester United

The White Hart Lane received its team for the last time against Manchester United on May, 14th where Totenham won 2-1, a long awaited match for all the fans who bought their tickets online quickly so they do not to miss the chance to see for the last time a game played at the Spurs home.
Come out victorious
The Spurs, under the Argentinian Mauricio Pochetino’s direction, were for the fight of beating a strong Manchester United that threatened with giving a hard fight, under Mourinho’s tutelage.
Nevertheless, this game represented a feeling deeply rooted for Tottenham, because it would be its last game in the historical White Hart Lane that the following day would be demolished, reason why Pochetino was decided that day passed to history not only like the last game in the stadium of the spurs but also the day where would rise second place in the League.
Tottenham: Premier League’s second place
The match begins with a Tottenham determined to mark their territory for the last time; In the 6 ‘opens the score in its favor thanks to the Kenyan Victor Wanyama, assisted by Ben Davies, manages to top the header towards the center of the Red Devils’ goal.
The first half was spent in a tough battle to define a match in which the Spurs fans hoped to see their team win second place in the Premier League for the first time in the 54 years of competition.
The first half, lived between fouls played without specifying on the Manchester part, it culminates 1-0 in favor of the host, the fans shouted in such an exciting game thanks to the purchase of tickets online.
Second half
It was only 48 ‘when the Spurs scored their second goal when Harry Kane shot from the center of the goal with Christian Eriksen.
It seems that the match is completed until in 71′ Manchester United scores after a shot by Wayne Rooney, with assistance from Anthony Martial. A tremendous point-blank shot into the center of the goal.
This goal threatens Tottenham who already seemed that had the game solved, reason why the game intensifies and both look to continue fighting in the field of the Lane.
The last 20 minutes of the match would not change the result, but not for lack of intents, and thus, after 6’ added by the referee culminates this match, and also to the Premier League, with a marker 2-1 that would favor Tottenham Hotspur .

With this result, Mauricio Pochetino achieves his mission and leads his team to be runners-up in the English league. Following the end of the game, the fans and all the attendees witnessed a very emotional farewell act at White Hart Lane Stadium, but with the satisfaction of remembering the last game as a great victory.
Next season Tottenham fans will no longer buy their tickets online to attend Lane, now their team will be present at Wembley facilities, but with the same enthusiasm for winning and the same support as ever.
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